Golf Rules and Etiquette

The United States Golf Association has some wonderful educational materials on their website. If you are new to the game or are just interested in learning more of the do's and don'ts at the golf course then check out the video tutorials at this address:

At this address you will also find FAQ's on the rules with accompanying video descriptions:

About Nicole

This page is designed to share resources to help you play and enjoy golf.
Golf Fitness

In this book you will find exercises designed to help you create more torque and balance, thus adding yards to drives and precision to shots.  You'll also get a conditioning regimen that will build strength, power, and stamina, while reducing the risk of injuries and speeding recovery time.
This book includes 72 of the  most effective exercises, each with step-by-step descriptions and full-color illustrations highlighting muscles in action.
This book has two written specifically for men and another for women.  It is an overall health and wellness book outlining a program of exercise, diet, and emotional connections that will help you become functionally younger in the second half of your life.  Very motivating!

Web Sites
This website is an excellent resource for golf fitness.  There are also interesting reviews on golf training aids, technology, and books.

Articles written by Nicole...

Using a "Target Focus" in Pre-shot Routines - This article discusses the importance of having a target focus in your pre-shot routine.  It shares with the reader a simple drill that will promote this concept in his or her actual golf swing...the two tee drill.  It is one of Nicole's favorite drills to help students extend through the ball and out toward the target producing more solid contact.
Click HERE to read article.
What is Your Intention? - This article discusses how important it is to clearly establish your intention before you step on the first tee.  Many golfers don’t actually lose their focus. They never established it to begin with!
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Nicole has written several articles for, an online magazine for golfers and fans of women's golf around the world. LPGA, Symetra, and Ladies European Tour news as well as expert instruction.  Check out their website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Have you ever tried the latest drill or training aid promising to cure your slice or add distance to your tee shots only to discover little if any progress on the golf course? Don’t despair! It may not be what you’re practicing that is the problem, but rather how you’re practicing.  Two of the articles Nicole published with focus on how to practice more effectively.  Check out the links below to learn more...
How to Practice Golf Effectively
Practice Golf with a Purpose
One of Nicole's favorite training aids is the Orange Whip.  It has potential to meet a variety of needs:
1. Develops tempo and timing.
2. Helps a golfer warm-up before play.
3. Creates a smooth swing away from the target.
4. Helps golfers to maintain the angle of the club shaft and the lead arm as they transition from the top of their swing to the follow through​...good-bye casting!
5. Supports an ideal swing plane.
6. Teaches golfers to swing toward the target without "chicken winging" at the golf ball.
7. Promotes a complete follow through.
8. Keeps your golf muscles strong during those long winter months in New England when actually playing golf can be a challenge.  Note, there is a compact version of the Orange Whip for indoor use or travel.
View a video of the Orange Whip 
in action:
If you are interested in purchasing the orange whip or any of the other training aids from the Orange Whip company, use the link below to receive $10 off the price of each training aid plus FREE shipping and handling.
Link to Orange Whip with Discount Promo Code (nicolegolf)